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Event experts and suppliers for over a decade.

The Peak Summit is a multifaceted event and media agency.  Producing and managing festivals and events is a large part of what we do, but it’s hardly the whole picture.  The categories listed below outline the company’s focuses.

If the event says “I produced it”, that means that the Peak Summit performed all meaningful processes without partnership, including booking, sponsorship accrual/fulfillment, team/project/grounds management, graphic, PR, venue scouting, HR, video editing, ad buying, and generalized nuts-and-bolts management. Otherwise, most of the projects have short role descriptions to elucidate  the company’s capabilities.

Peak Summit Productions is available to fill these rolls for most projects.
Call Myron Koch for a discussion.  (502) 599-7636
or email him at

Peak Summit expertise includes

  • Talent booking and management
  • Event organization, large and small scale
  • Team, project, & grounds mgmt
  • Graphic design & layout
  • PR & advertisement (develop & buy)
  • Web design
  • Video editing & Videography
  • Sponsorship accrual/fulfillment
  • Photography