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Below, you’ll find my portfolio.

I’ve expanded my skill sets over the years, and the larger categories are listed below. If the event says I “produced” it, that means that I performed all meaningful processes, including booking, sponsorship accrual/fulfillment, team/project/grounds management, graphic, PR, venue scouting, hiring (and some firing), video editing, ad buying, and generalized nuts-and-bolts management of things I’m forgetting to list here. Otherwise, most of the projects have short descriptions of my roles. I am available to fill these rolls if you have a project needing any of these skills.

Experience includes

  • Event organization, large and small┬áscale
  • Team, project, & grounds mgmt
  • Graphic design & layout
  • PR & advertisement (develop & buy)
  • Web design
  • Video editing
  • Sync Licensing
  • Sponsorship accrual/fulfillment
  • Photography